About me


A little about me…

I’m Kelly, a wife and a mom of two girls from Ontario, Canada.

I started this blog this share some of my passions and because, honestly, being a mom can be sometimes be lonely! Don’t get me wrong, I have some awesome mom friends, but sometimes I feel like I would like to connect with more people over things other than children!

My majors in post-secondary (the Canadian term for College!) were Fashion Arts and Psychology and I ended up in a career of Recreation Therapy. But I was neglecting my creative side, and the passion I always had to start my own business.

What you will find on this blog:

  • Art and Design – I am currently trying to expand my skills into watercolour and explore other design avenues
  • Crafts – whether DIY projects, kids crafts or just small things to express my creativity
  • Sewing – I have been sewing my whole life and went to school for 3 years for Fashion Arts and can design, draft and construct things from start to finish
  • Clean Eating – we are gluten/dairy/egg free and I love exploring new recipes!
  • Home Living – we like to renovate our houses, or do small organization projects to make our house more efficient… watch for home projects!
  • Self-Improvement – with a psych major I am always into analyzing my thoughts and growing as a person

Along with being a platform to express myself and my creativity, I am also hoping to sell some of my art and designs from my Etsy Shop. For so long I saw all of these handmade shops and thought, “I can make that!” Finally I just decided I would follow my passions and start creating.

If you decide to join me for the ride, I hope you will find something useful to take back to your life and families, and please connect with me along the way!