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More delicious than it sounds – Mushroom Tea with Four Sigmatic

Do you ever have days you know you just can’t make it through sober on your own?? After a long night with the baby, or just chasing two kids around some days I just need a little boost to keep me alert and awake the whole day to get anything accomplished. I am crazy about Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffees and Elixirs.

Our family is super sensitive to certain foods, and I have never been able to handle coffee well; I couldn’t even finish one cup before having jitters and my heart racing. I recently heard about Four Sigmatic and their coffee and functional mushroom blends. I know – mushrooms?!? – everyone thinks I’m nuts when I say that. It doesn’t really taste anything like mushrooms you buy at the grocery store, and it is functional mushrooms – NOT the hallucinogenic kind! I mean, they are magic, but in their own beneficial-for-your-health kind of way.

I heard about Four Sigmatic from Jess Lively’s podcast, and she is equally as obsessed with them. We had already been drinking Chaga mushroom tea every night to wind down for a few years, so I thought I would try something new – especially since my hubby loves coffee but had stopped drinking it because of all the havoc it can wreak on your guts.

The benefits of Four Sigmatic Coffees:

  1. Organic – made with 100% Arabica beans
  2. Each serving contains about 500mg of mushrooms – which means half the caffeine and less jitters
  3. The Chaga mushroom they are mixed with is alkaline forming – which helps improve your metabolism and energy and is, therefore, makes it easier for your gut to process the caffeine, and no crash

Not only do they have coffee, but they also carry elixir blends such as Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga and Reishi. They also have amazing Hot Cacao mixes, like hot chocolate, the perfect comfort drink in the afternoon! They also carry superfood blends that you can add to smoothies, lattes, and I have seen some people add it to baking to add all the healthy goodness to your food!

I am actually drinking a combo of Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps Elixirs as I write this. The Lion’s Mane definitely keeps me focused and I find the Cordyceps helps to keep me going all day with energy and not caffeine.


Each functional mushroom serves a different purpose:

  • Lion’s Mane: supports focus, creativity, memory, concentration, and brain health
  • Cordyceps: Achieve and sustain steady energy
  • Reishi: Relax the body, calm your mind, relieve stress, and support sleep
  • Chaga: Antioxidants that supports immune function, and overall health and wellness

They are so easy to make, as the coffee comes in different forms: powdered single serving packets (good for travel), ground and pods. The Elixirs and Hot Cacaos are in powdered form and you just mix them with hot water. I like to add some honey, almond milk and coconut oil (for a creamy texture) to mine.

That is my kind of superfood drink – again, it tastes nothing like mushrooms and it’s so warm and comforting!

If you would like to try out some Four Sigmatic you can find them here or they are available on Amazon here and a variety of other health and wellness stores or websites.

What is your favourite drink to keep you going throughout the day?


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