Fluid Art; Pink; Paint; Marble

Painting with Fluid Acrylics and Pouring Medium

Have you seen the new craze for Pour painting all over Pinterest and You Tube? I decided to give it a try after my daughter was filling up cups with paint and making “potions.” A friend suggested flipping it onto a canvas.

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A “Dirty Pour” cup full of acrylic paint

I looked this up on Pinterest (it’s actually a real art, some people are making some really beautiful pours). That technique is actually called a “dirty pour” where you flip the cup really quickly and then lift it slowly as the paint spreads over the canvas.

So off we went to Walmart to pick up some cheap craft acrylic paints. Whenever I am trying something new I am always going to test run it on the cheap to see if I like it before getting serious about supplies.

Including Kids

I let M. pick the colours for our first one (the best way to include kids on painting and crafts). I had her help by mixing up the colours with a bit of water. She thought our first pour was cool, but was over it once we flipped the cups. She quickly moved on to painting herself another picture (the short attention span of a 4-yr old!).

But I was hooked.

I tried another one with different colours. Safe to say both of them turned out pretty ugly since I had no idea what we were doing! But watching the paint flow together was so relaxing and mesmerizing! The first ones (below) dried and cracked all over the surface – most likely from all the water.

I knew this was something I wanted to keep trying, so I did some more research and bought some higher quality paints. I think the paint cracked because you shouldn’t combine more that 50% water to paint ratio. There are other techniques you can use than just a “dirty pour.” You can use High-Flow and Fluid Acrylics which are a very thin consistency. You can also mix soft-body acrylics with a pouring medium.

I found a couple of artists on Instagram from Australia that were super inspiring creating beautiful paintings using High-Flow Acrylics. I’ve done a couple of other paintings but I still can’t quite figure out their technique! I will keep working towards it.

A couple of my next attempts actually turned out really nice! I used a brush a little to swirl some of the paint together and tilted the canvas around to move the paint. I also sprayed some water from a spray bottle. I used mostly soft-body acrylics with a pouring medium and a little water, as well as acrylic inks and pouring medium (the inks are a really thin liquid that tint the medium).

Fluid Art; Pink; Paint; Marble
One that worked out nicely! I love the pinks and purples and the gold specks.

The pouring medium also leaves the top a nice smooth finish. And I didn’t have any cracking this time when these ones dried.

Painting Supplies

Next time I would like to try using some more brushes, more high-flow and fluid acrylics and maybe priming or painting the canvas before putting on the flow paints.

I have already learned so much in my attempts and can’t wait to try some more. You can spend so much time online researching and watching others but the only way you are going to learn how the paint interacts is by trying it yourself! There are no mistakes when it comes to art so get out there and try some! Not every work will turn out beautiful, but thats okay, you probably learned something in the process.

What I love about the fluid art is that the paint flows and mixes out of your control. I find much of life right now needs to be organized and planned; watching the paint is so liberating for my soul!

Has anyone else tried fluid paint or pouring? If you have any more tips you would like to share I would love to hear them!





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