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Three Easy, Delicious Recipes for Leftover Almond Pulp

If you make homemade almond milk don’t throw away all the leftover almond pulp (or other nut pulp). Here are 3 yummy recipes to use that extra fibre and protein.

  • What we use to make our almond milk and why 
  • 3 easy recipes for almond pulp
  • Where to learn more and get your own Almond Cow

Knowing your ingredients and reducing waste

I love to make a lot of our foods from scratch around here; I know, you’re thinking, “you’re nuts!” (cheesy pun intended). While I do love convenience, I hate all of the additional/unnecessary ingredients, amounts of sugar and waste that come in prepackaged products. There are also so many hidden things in pre-made food, like wheat and milk… With our sensitivities, they just weren’t options anymore.

Making most of our food lets me know exactly what I am putting into my family’s food and limiting the amount of sugar we consume. Don’t get me wrong, I eat sugar, my kids eat sugar, it is just everywhere now. So I try to cut it back where I can. I also want to teach my kids that healthy food can taste good without having to add copious amounts of sugar to enjoy it.

And the cost!! I hate to spend money on something when I know I can make it myself (hence all the DIY-ing!). Especially when a lot of the cost is just packaging that gets tossed anyway.

That being said, I don’t like to make a ton more work for myself. If I’m going to make something I want it to be quick things that don’t take a lot of work. This is why I love the Almond Cow. It’s so simple and quick to make almond milk, and then I have the leftover pulp to make some more with.

I hate throwing away the pulp because all the fibre and protein is great to keep in your diet; it’s another way I can ensure we are getting more. It is also an excellent binder or filler in recipes. I usually try to use it to make something sweet so we have some (somewhat) healthy goodies!

Here are 3 (really easy!) recipes you can make with the left over pulp from almond milk:

Note: you don’t have to have an Almond Cow for this, if you make almond milk your own way (Vitamix, blender, etc.) you can still use your pulp, you just need to have it collected after you strain your milk out.

What do you need to get started:

  • 1 cup almond pulp, strained after making almond milk

Almond Pulp Cookies

almond pulp cookie with coconut
Almond Pulp Cookies from Berry&Maple

Tatiana over at Berry&Maple has these delicious and simple cookies you can make quickly with only a few extra ingredients…including coconut!

Vegan No-Bake Almond Pulp Energy Bites

vegan no bake almond pulp energy balls
Vegan No Bake Almond Pulp Energy Bites from Vibrant Plate

I love that these are no bake and I can just whip them up quickly after making my almond milk. You can also get pretty creative with what toppings you want to roll them in, I like coconut or crushed almonds!

Raw Almond Butter Cups

Raw Almond Butter Cups from Oh She Glows

These ones are a little more complicated but look so delicious. I haven’t tried these yet but I would like to try them with melted chocolate and coconut oil on the top so it hardens more.

Let me know if you have any other good recipes for leftover Almond pulp, I am always looking to try new ones. Or have you tried any of these? How did they turn out? Leave a comment!

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